About Hethcoat

Don Hethcoat


Originally born in Albuquerque N.M. and grew up in Belen , Hethcoat's knife journey started by watching his father work in the smoke house. Early in the morning when his father was gone he would go to the smoke house and take a knife for a trek around the mesas west of the old Hethcoat homestead.

Early Years:

Finishing school in (62) he worked a short time taking people down the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Some time later he went to work for the Santa Fe railroad lasting 41 years, except for a short stint in the Army and Vietnam (68-69). In the late 60's a friend with the Santa Fe railroad was making knives from hacksaw blades used to cut the rails. So Hethcoat tried his hand at this method and learned a little about the craft. Later he found out there was a knifemaker in Bosque Farms N.M. that is well known in the knife industry (Joe Cordova) and went to learn about the knife steels and machinery it takes to make a knife.

In the late 80's he went to the bladesmithing school in Washington Arkansas built by the American Bladesmiths Society to learn how to forge Damascus steel. There he met people like Bill Moran-Jerry Fisk and others who taught him the methods it takes to make Damascus. After some time as a Journeyman he got his Masters in 1995 with the ABS. He credits Joe Cordova,Bill Moran,Jerry Fisk and James Cook and others for the knowledge he learned about the Art of the Knife.

Hethcoat works in Damascus or Stainless Steel, depending on the purpose of the knife. He uses natural materials such as stag, Oosic, and woods also synthetics such as G10, carbon fiber and micarta known as the steel of the plastic industry.

Hethcoat makes mostly folders, Linerlocks-Lockbacks and Slipjoints-a Bowie from time to time and numerious hunting and utility knives.....

Hethcoat gives a year waiting-but at times it can be shorter. One thing said by Hethcoat is that in every custom knife there is part of the MAKER.